Destin beach

Walk the Beach for a Better Body

The beach is glorious to look at

Enjoy walking the beach and reap great benefits physically!  Walk the beach for a better body.

Many people have jobs that require them to sit all day which is not the best for your health or your body.  You can actually lose shape by sitting too much.

While you are vacationing in Destin here at the Silver Shells you can take advantage of nature’s track – the beach and use the sandy terrain as a toning mechanism for your body.

Pick a time of day when the sun isn’t as hot.  Peak sun times typically are between 11 am and 3 pm.

Walking on the sand creates a resistance which is good for toning your legs and butt.  The softer the sand the more resistance and the more effective of a workout the walk will be.

Your feet will also benefit from the sand

Which is a natural exfoliator for dry skin on your heels.  Be sure to walk barefoot in the sand for a good portion of the walk.

The easiest place to walk on the beach is the closest to the water line where the water creates a firm surface.  Keep in mind walking in the soft sand will burn more calories and tone muscles more although more challenging to walk in.

Enjoy your beach walk with a friend or family member that you enjoy talking with and the time will pass much quicker.  If you prefer to walk alone you might want to use earbuds for listening to music on your phone or use a walkman.

The atmosphere of the beach and the water is not only beautiful it is inspiring.  Take advantage of the time you have here at Silver Shells.

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